Welcome to post2015.ch

The agenda post 2015 was to set new objectives and to align my hopes and aspirations with the realisation that I was yet to fully reach my potential.  The period to 2014 had been a difficult year, and 2015 marked both a new year, and the opportuity to reset my objectives and to set new sustainable goals that were both realistic and achievable.

It took me some time to fully analyse and assess my agenda, and focus in on the key issues that were important to me.  I decided to look closely at the my agenda post 2015, in order to ensure that I remained both focussed and strategic in my approach and mindset.

A key priority was to become more sustainable, particularly in terms of my lifestyle, and 2015 was to mark a turning point in my quest for sustainability.  A number of important factors needed to be considered and assessed, so that I was best placed to put together an agenda that would ultimately lead me towars achieving my goals.

The post2015.ch site is here to share these thoughts, goals and aspirations, and whilst some of the objectives post 2015 have yet to be fully met, the site does offer the opportunity to document my approach.